Osage Fork of the Gasconade

Missouri’s Osage Fork of the Gasconade

The Osage Fork is a fine floating and fishing stream. In normal seasons, there is enough water to float it from Hwy. 5 down, a distance of about 40 miles. Maples, red buds, dogwoods, and other flowering trees and shrubs make it a pretty stream in both spring and fall. Although the valley is well dotted with farms, there are numerous gravel bars for camping and fishing is excellent. There is some tendency for short sections of the stream to be log jammed, but this slight inconvenience is a small price to pay for a little-floated stream.

Difficulty: I, II where log obstructions occur.
Gradients: general- 4.8; Hwy. ZZ to Hwy. 5 – 5.8; to Hwy, B – 4.9; to Drynob.,- 4.7; to Gasconade River – 4.3.
Counties: Webster, Wright, Laclede.

Osage Fork River – Mile-By-Mile Description

0.0 Rader Access on Hwy. ZZ. Have to carry boat abour 0.25 mile to river.
1.8 Panther Creek on left.
2.4 Low-water bridge on County Road 107.
4.3 Low-water bridge on County Road J-687.
6.7 County Road J-685 Bridge.
6.8 Smith Branch on right.
9.0 Hwy. J Bridge.
11.3 Spring branch on right.
14.2 Low-water bridge on road connecting Hwys. J and 5.
15.0 Brush Creek on left.
17.0 Hwy. 5 Bridge.
21.5 Orla. Bridge and old mill dam. Road connects Hwys. HH and V. Pass through break in dam on left. Good run below.
21.7 Stean Creek on right.
28.2 Spring on left.
28.7 Hwy. B Bridge. Good access.
29.7 Spring branch on left.
31.9 Lambeth Bridge. Iron bridge on road between Lyons and Hwy. 32. Poor access.
32.1 Cobb Creek on right. 
38.9 Drynob Access on Hwy. 32.
43.8 Davis Ford Access on Hwy. AC. Good canoe/kayak access.
49.3 Good rift over rock ledge near Abo.
51.5 County bridge at Hull Ford.
52.5 Hull Ford Access on Hwy. N. Last access on Osage Fork. Gravel ramp.
54.0 Island. Possibility of log-janmmed channels. Check.
57.0 Gasconade River.
57.8 Hazelgreen Access on Gasconade Rivet. Off Hwy. N on South Outet Road.

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Under Missouri law, an outfitter is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in paddlesport activities resulting from the inherent risks of paddlesport activities pursuant to the Revised Statutes of Missouri. Chapter 537 RSMO revised to 537.327
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