Pomme de Terre River

Missouri’s Pomme de Terre River

The Pomme de Terre Reservoir has eliminated the central portion of this river for floating, but some floatable water remains in the sections above and below the lake. Relatively slow, but also relatively clear, the Pomme is a good river for beginning canoeists. Check with outfitters or the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to see if water is being released from dam.

Difficulty: usually only I.
Gradients: general about 3; Sunset Bridge to Hwy. 32 area – 5.4; to Pomme de Terre Reservoir – 3.9; Dam to Sapp Landing Access – 2.4.
Counties: Polk, Hickory.


Pomme de Terre River – Mile-By-Mile Description

Upper Pomme de Terre River

0.0 Sunset Park Access on County Road 480.
0.5 Main channel on left.
2.0 Vantown Flatbridge access off Hwy. YY.
3.1 Deer Creek on right.
5.7 Hwy. 32 Bridge. Good access.
9.1 Roberts Ford. Low-water bridge 3 miles northeast of Bolivar.
10.3 Hominy Creek on right.
10.4 Linn Creek Bridge. 4 miles northeast of Bolivar. Fair access.
14.9 Jefferson Bridge on Hwy. D.
17.4 Piper Creek on left.
19.2 Francka Bridge. On Country Road 120 off Hwy. NN Fair access.
23.3 Davis Creek on right.
23.9 Dry Fork on left.
24.7 Pomme de Terre Reservoir may back water to this point.
27.4 Last access above reservoir on Hwy. PP.

Lower Pomme de Terre River

0.0 Put in at campsite at west side of river at base of the dam.
4.0 County Road 273 Bridge. No access.
6.9 Hermitage Access at Hwy. 254 Bridge.
8.6 Hwy. 54 Bridge. No access. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ public land on both sides of river ftom here to lake.
13.6 Cross Timbers public use area access. Off Hwy. U on County Road 281.
18.6 Ford, last access above Truman Lake. OffHwy. Y and County Road 217. Take un maintained road to the east. 
20.0 Harry S. Truman Reservoir may back up to here.
22.0 Sapp Landing Access, boat ramp and parking lot on County Road 64. Last access above reservoir.

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Under Missouri law, an outfitter is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in paddlesport activities resulting from the inherent risks of paddlesport activities pursuant to the Revised Statutes of Missouri. Chapter 537 RSMO revised to 537.327
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